6 months with Wealthy Affiliate

Here is my feedback after 6 months with Wealthy Affiliate.  Is it worth the time and money spent?  Do they walk the talk?  Any upselling and how is the community spirit.  I had the most enjoyable experience and no regret taking up membership. My conclusion, it is a resounding YES.  It was my best investment in term of time and money for the year 2016.  I would like to highlight the salient points of this journey with the ultimate aim of learning about internet marketing and eventually able to generate a passive income online.


Blogging 101

Last November, I started to put my hands on blogging by signing up with wordpress.com Blogging U 101.  And over the next 20 days except on weekends, I  drowned myself daily with lesson after lesson from the WordPress.org.  Being a first-time blogger, it was not an easy task trying to digest, understanding the various terms and functions of blogging.  In fact, I was not making any headway because I just don’t know how to write a decent blog that will be ranked by Google.  I took up the Writing 101 as well to polish my writing skill.  That was equally tough too because I am not used to putting all my thought on paper.  A month later, I was mentally exhausted and told myself to take a break before I ran out of steam.


Affiliate Marketing

A few days later while browsing the newsroom, I came across an advertisement claiming you can make lots of money online per month by taking their time-tested program.  It was from an established company promoting affiliate marketing.  I enrolled and got a slot for the 2-hour free seminar for the following week.  To ensure that I have a second opinion, I asked a good friend of mine to come along.

The seminar was attended by about 30 to 35 people of various ages. A few students, some working executives and a handful of elderly people.  It was in this seminar that I gained a better understanding of what Affiliate Marketing and PPC are all about.  Towards the end of the seminar, we were being informed about a coming in-depth hands on 3-day workshop.  Due to popular demand, there was a long waiting list of about 2 months to attend the workshop.  The workshop over the weekend costs $4,500.  Upon enrolling, training manuals and DVDs will be provided so that one can start practicing at your own time while waiting to attend the workshop.  For early birds, a good discount will be given and payment can be by installment through credit card.

At the end of the seminar, we reckoned the asking price was a bit high and to consider other alternatives before deciding if this want what we really want.



I was determined to learn about internet marketing and have set aside a budget of $1,000 for the first year including all other expenses.  Since I was not sure of the market segment, I set a target to break-even by the end of the second year.  My criteria were that the establishment must be reputable and reliable without up-selling, be legit and scam free.  Suitable for a newbie or novice blogger with a limited budget learning to grow a passive income online.  Googled and stumbled upon scamXposer and out came a few names.  They were Wealthy Affiliate, Chris Farrell, and Affilorama just to mention a few.  From the various reviews, Wealthy Affiliate was highly rated and I quite like the name “Wealthy”.  So I jumped in to get my feet wet.


Free Membership

I was offered the free membership at zero cost without having to give away my credit card details.  Shortly, I received welcome emails from the owners namely Kyle and Carson.  Once on their website, I was also greeted by fellow members and started making friends to expand my network.  The support and response from the community were helpful, friendly and warm.  As a free member, over the next 7 days, I was allowed to explore their platform just like any premium members.  The whole system has a logical layout, easy to navigate and very user-friendly.  It was educational and enjoyable and I took up monthly membership on the third day.

On Nov 28, Black Friday, I capitalized on the huge discount and signed on to a yearly membership.  Since then I never look back.  In fact, this was my highest return on investment for 2015 in term of time, quality and value in internet marketing.  I am extremely satisfied with what I have learned after during the 6 months with Wealthy Affiliate.


My Website

After completing the first module on Getting Started and Boot camp, I followed the advice and bought a domain ending with .com namely retirefrom9to5.com.  It sort of represented someone breaking off or retiring from the routine 9 to 5 work.  Thereafter trying to write the perfect About Me page was a nerve breaking experience.  It was like laying yourself bare stepping into the blogging world.  Stressing myself out to write a perfect page was near to impossible and choosing an image of myself was equally challenging.  Anyway, a journey starts with the very first step.  Be it a small big step or a big small step, it is an essential step that needs to be taken.  I overcome the fear of failure and bite the bullet by clicking the publish button.  After posting the About Me page, I spent much of the time chatting and interacting with the WA community.


Online Entrepreneur Certificate & Bootcamp

I took up both courses concurrently for a more rounded training and understanding.  The Online Entrepreneur Certificate consists of  5 levels and the Bootcamp consists of 7 phases.  I reckoned they were the foundation for blogging and supplemented me on what I missed out on Blogging U 101. Blogging U taught me how to crawl but WA BootCamp taught me how to stand up and walk.  The WA community taught me how to get up when I fall.  They shared their experience and answer questions to queries.  I strongly believe that by the time I complete the whole course, I should be able to run or may even fly.  Joking, I am flying on propeller engines while the rest are on the gas turbine jet engine.


 6 months with Wealthy Affiliate

I didn’t realize that there were so much to learn about internet marketing until having joined Wealthy Affiliate for the past 6 months.  There are keywords, SEO, analytics and social media just to mention a few.  Joining Wealthy Affiliate help me to put the jigsaw puzzle together and obtained an overview of what internet marketing was all about.  So far my capital outlay was just the annual membership fee and the cost to maintain the website domain.  It was scam free and legit.  As a newbie entering into the world wide web, I constantly strive to improve my posts by learning and communicating with the supportive community.  I want to share my journey of blogging and hope it will be of benefits to fellow friends and budding marketers to grow their passive income online.

I want to share my journey of blogging and hope it will be of benefits to fellow friends striving for a richer work-life balance.  Looking forward to having your input and feedback. And please don’t forget to give me your comments.


Warmest regards

Kelsey Lim



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    • Rob S.
    • August 15, 2017

    Hey Kelsey. Really like your website and Wealthy Affiliate is something that I never regretted joining. I almost passed on it but I took a second look and the rest is history.
    Tired of scam after scam, I was overjoyed when I found out that Wealth Affiliate is legit and not a money sucking machine like the other programs.
    There isn’t anything they don’t offer. I knew from the start there was hard work involved and it’s an everyday business for me.
    I too, am at the six month mark and I just have to keep going. Thanks for a very informative site!

      • Kelsey Lim
      • August 17, 2017

      Hi Rob,   That’s true.  There are a lot of scams out there with their hands in your pocket.   Many with up-selling pulling you deeper into a hole.  Wealthy Affiliate is completely different.  The WA community is warm and helpful and there are abundant of tutorials available on internet marketing.

      I am now on to my second year with them and hope you every success in growing a passive income.  If you can leave your email address or provide a link to your website, I would love to visit it too.  


      Kelsey Lim

    • Netta
    • September 23, 2016

    Hey Kelsey….

    Congratulations on your journey so far. Thank you for sharing your experience. It keeps me from getting too disheartened about my own long roundabout way so far.

    For me, it’s the SEO nuances and all the techno-stuff that make me go whack my forehead against a wall. I keep feeling like I’m missing SOMETHING….not sure what yet.

    Still learning, learning, learning. Ah, well…it’s gotta be good for beating off dementia, right?

      • Kelsey
      • September 24, 2016

      Thanks for visiting my website. I also felt the same way at times, like you said it is a journey, so I just put my best foot forward and prepare to break away from my comfort zone. I am still following the training on the Bootcamp started posting to share my thought. And with the community support from WA, I am gaining greater confidence. Best wishes to your journey and may you find success in your niche too

  1. Nice site Kelsey and very well laid out and comprehensive article you have written here. I can vouch for WA awesome environment to learn and practice affiliate marketing. Keep up the great work Tim

      • Kelsey
      • September 6, 2016

      Hi Tim, Thanks for your comment. Your dropping by is most encouraging. I seem to have neglected my website quite a bit.

      Best regards
      Kelsey Lim

    • Brandy
    • April 25, 2016

    I admire your determination. From signing up for the Blogging U to attending the workshop, it shows you were interested in learning the right way to be successful.

    I’m glad you found WA and have been sticking with the Getting Started and Bootcamp trainings. Speaking from the heart like you did really gets the message out about how great WA can be for people.

    Congrats on your first blog post! I look forward to reading many more from you!

      • Kelsey
      • April 25, 2016

      Thanks for your encouragement. It’s not easy but achievable. I just need to keep focus and work on it to see the result later on. Kelsey Lim

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