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Join Wealthy Affiliate to learn about making money online because it offers the best value for your money you can find on the internet.  For a starter membership, you are not required to give out your credit card details.  You can keep it safe in your wallet.  This is definitely not a scam.  You just need to provide an email address so that an account can be created for you to access the training program available on their website.  It is a legit company and has been around since 2005 with more than half a million subscribers.  It is one of the most reputable company and has the largest resource library for you to learn about internet marketing and grow your online business.

I read many horrifying stories about people losing their hard earn money joining companies that promise to hand out shortcuts and provide magic formula so that you can make money online in matters of weeks.  Don’t believe this crap.  For years, I have been wanting to learn how to make money online to supplement my salary as well as to prepare for my retirement.

In late 2015, after an exhaustive search and reading numerous reviews,  I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate and signed up as a premium member thereafter.  Since then I have never look back and reckoned that it was one of the best investment in my life in term of money, effort and time.


What are the benefits?

Well, there are many benefits to joining.  Get to build 2 websites for free including hosting so that you can start to grow your business.  Within minutes, you can have a website up to start your journey on internet marketing.

You get free access to Classroom Courses. There are hundreds of training modules and tutorials available where you can learn about internet marketing to generate your online income.

Whenever you got stuck or encounter difficulty, just raise a question within the WA platform.  Ambassadors or active members of the community will respond and give you a lead.  There is also a chatting platform where you get instant help.  There is an awesome feature which I like very much, Private Message or PM.  You can PM directly to the founder, Kyle or to any particular person that you may want to connect with.


I am not a techie and a newbie on internet marketing, will I be lost?

Not to worry about this.  Wealthy Affiliate is like a university that caters for newbies as well as for experienced marketers.  The structured programs are organized systematically which guide you step by step with the tasks to be carried out at the end of each lesson.  This helps to reinforce your understanding before you proceed to the next lesson.  For a beginner, you may want to take up the Affiliate Bootcamp to promote WA.  You will be surprised to find that there are abundant training materials and tutorials available to teach you the A to Z about internet marketing.

When I first started other than knowledgeable in MS office I was a complete newbie regarding internet marketing.  However, after undergoing the training at WA, I was beginning to have a  good gripe about internet marketing.  Until now, I am loving it still.  I spend on average about 10 to 12 hr per week on the WA platform learning as well as interacting with the community.


My website is not making money, how will Wealthy Affiliate help?

Wow, so you already have a website!  That’s sound great.  You are in the right place.  Many bloggers who are not making progress join Wealthy Affiliate to hone their skill to make money online.  The course materials and tutorials are constantly updated by Kyle, the founder and the expert members of the community.  You may consider to take up the Online Entrepreneur Certificate course which is geared towards building your niche.

You can participate and connect with the community of experienced members where they share new ideas, problems or suggest solutions for implementation.  Premium members may also create new training and earn credit points which can be monetarized.


There is no free lunch, what’s the catch to join Wealthy Affiliate?

There is free lunch available for you over the next 7 days.  I don’t think you want to put this to waste.

You have 168 free hours (7 days X 24 hours) available at your disposal.  I believe you have to eat.  You have to sleep and have to carry out your routine stuff.  So in the end, you may put aside 3 hours per day over the next 7 days to enjoy the WA platform.  Go for it and give it a try.

Well, I don’t think you want to torture yourself staying awake 168 hours learning everything that is available.  In fact, I signed and become a premium member on the third day.  Until now, I am loving it still.  I enjoy hanging out interacting with the supportive and knowledgeable community within Wealthy Affiliate.

The 7 days free access let you have a good feel and experience the user-friendly platform as well as the warm and supportive community spirit at WA.  It is legit and definitely not a scam.  It is worth your money, effort and time spent towards building a passive income.


How much for premium membership?

Premium membership at $49.00

Starter membership is free and you can keep it for life.  You will enjoy a lot more privileges when you sign onto Premium membership that costs only $49.00 per month.  The good news is if you take up premium membership during the 7 days free trial, you get a huge discount.  You pay only $19.00 for the first month and thereafter $49.00.  You can terminate anytime you want. No question ask.

Attractive saving of $299

There is an attractive saving of US$229 if you sign up for the annual membership at only $359.00  This works out to be less than $1.00 a day.  Cut down on a cup of coffee and you are on your way to success.

Is there any up selling?

Absolutely no.   This is not an MLM program.  You do not have to build any downline or get your family members, relatives or friends to join.  As your skill improve and advance to a higher level, you don’t have to pay a single cent more.  There is no hidden cost.  No upselling where you have to pump in more money in order to move up to the next level.  You get everything for $359.00.  New training and tutorial are revised and updated so that members keep abreast with the knowledge of the industry.


What are the additional features?

Glad you ask.  Listed below are the main features

  • 50 websites using WordPress under
  • Transfer your own websites and link it to WA
  • 7 phases of Affiliate Bootcamp
  • 5 levels of Online Entrepreneur Certificate
  • 13 Training classrooms
  • Personal 1 to 1 mentoring for the founder
  • 30 Keywords –  Research tool
  • Web security and 24/7/365 web support
  • Website feedback and comment platform
  • Weekly live video classroom
  • Earn affiliate commission


Make Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate


Come on in and join WA now to learn about making money online.  I reckon this is the best place to hang out in term of effort, money and time spent to learn about how to make money online.  As a rule of thumb, if you diligently follow the training taught in Wealthy Affiliate and take appropriate actions, over time your business will grow from a few dollars per month to a few thousand per month as your knowledge deepen and skill improve.

Glad that you hear me out and thanks for reading the post.  If you have any questions or concern about the program, please leave your comments and I will get back to you.  I would also like to invite you to visit my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate.


Your friend

Kelsey Lim


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    • Barb
    • August 22, 2017

    Hi, Kelsey!

    What a wonderful review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am presently a Premium member and I can personally vouch for everything you say here. It is a step taken that I have never regretted one bit. I finally discovered a means of making online that wasn’t a scam.


      • Kelsey
      • August 22, 2017

      Hi Barb,  Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my post.  Yes, indeed.  Wealthy Affiliate is a top notch IM Online University.  There is no up selling and the community is always warm and helpful.  For the yearly fee that we are paying, it is value for money.  For the two years that I am with them, they are frequently evolving to stay relevant in the industry that is constantly changing.

      Thanks and wishing you success in your journey towards self discovery and growing a passive income.

      Kelsey Lim

    • Warren
    • August 18, 2017

    A really nice, simple explanation of how Wealthy Affiliate works. Too often, the layout of Wealthy Affiliate and other affiliate marketing programs are so complicated that they almost show the whole website. This is short and sweet. You cover the basics and give just enough intriguing material to make the viewer want to take a look. Your Q & A format also helps put to rest a lot of the fears that newbies have. Well done.

      • Kelsey
      • August 19, 2017

      Hi Warren,   Thanks for the compliment.  I hope I have hit the nail on the head without being too complicated.  Frankly,  there are a lot of training information and tutorials within Wealthy Affiliate platform that are essential for anyone trying to kick start internet marketing.  Even for “expert marketeers”,  there are various classrooms available where one can share as well as exchange experience to gain more insight into IM.

      Kelsey Lim

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