Wealthy Affiliate has an Online Entrepreneur Certification course consisting of 10 lessons teaching you the core subject of internet marketing.  Having been with them for the past 6 months, I shall walk you through the course contents and you can judge for yourself whether it is worth the time and money spent.  After you submit an email address to Wealthy Affiliate you shall be given an account at no cost.  Over the next 7 days, you will have complete access to the entire training program and tutorials to learn, share, implement and develop an online business.  I will give a broad outline and highlight salient aspect for your perusal.


Lesson 1:  Getting Started

To begin with, the flowchart outlines the path for creating success online.  The founder, Kyle advised that when in doubt always ask a question and to carry out all the tasks highlighted to reinforce your learning.  I raise a couple of questions and the response from the community was pretty prompt and very supportive.  Fellow ambassadors and senior members responded warmly and often provide options and alternatives to resolve the queries.  At the end of each lesson, there were assignments and tasks to test your understanding and to interact with the community.


Lesson 2: Making Money Online

The process of making money online is to act as a middleman or an affiliate.  As an affiliate, you take on the role as a publisher to promote products on behalf of the advertisers and to attract and persuade consumers (audience) to make purchases.  Prior to the purchase, the consumer will Google search for product review and have a broad understanding of what is available.  Hence, the publisher must own a website that will display the products to link the advertisers to the consumers and vice versa.  Whenever a handshake or order is confirmed, the publisher will earn a commission.  The publisher will also use social media to extend their network to reach out to consumers.


Lesson 3:  Choosing A Niche

The beauty of online business is you get to choose what you are interested in base on your passion, hobby, strength, and knowledge.  Choosing a niche will define the segment or your target audience.  You need to stay focus and to build trust by being an expert or authority in your chosen field.  You don’t want to waste your energy and resources compete with the big boys or in areas where there is already a lot of competition.


Lesson 4:  Building A Website

As a Starter Member, you are given 2 free websites under siterubix.com domain.  There is a video that will take you through creating a website within second using WordPress and various themes to choose from.


Lesson 5:  WordPress Dashboard

Under the WordPress Dashboard, you will be taken step by step through a video to set up the website with a theme together with the necessary plugins.  Primarily on how to set up and activate the All in One SEO plug and the Antispam.  Thereafter set up the default post, page, and comments.


Lesson 6:  Setting Up For SEO

In order for your website to appear on the leading page during a web search, it has to be properly set up for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Most importantly is to be ranked among the top 3 search or falls within the first three pages during the search. Getting high ranking and high traffic will lead to an increase in revenue.


Lesson 7: Key Words Research

Finding content ideas from keywords research.  In order for your content to be highly ranked, it has to be written around keywords.  Within Wealthy Affiliate, there is a keyword platform under Jaaxy.com which comes with a free trial for 30 searches.

There are 3 indicators to take note.

QSR – Quality Search Result less than 300 (lower competition);

KQI – Keyword Quality Index more than 50;

SEO – the higher the better (max 100).

And the keywords must make grammatical sense.  Another technique to formulate keywords idea is called Alphabet Soup using google search.


Lesson 8:  About Me page

Do some research on similar or related websites so that you know what is already out on the market.  Set-up the page/post to provide the latest information and build trust with your consumers.  Create an About Me page to introduce yourself and provide an overview and objectives of your website.  Also to include a standard page on privacy policy.


Lesson 9: Quality Site Content

In order to attract readers to your site, you must create quality website content that is relevant, interesting and candid.  Don’t write just for SEO ranking.  Content must also be written for the human being as well.  It also must be of value and to solve pain problem of the reader.  Over time, you gain the trust to create a brand for yourself by being honest, truthful.  Provide recommendation or alternative and be engaging with your readers or followers.  Eventually, they will share it on their social networks which will lead to more traffic.


Lesson 10:  Final Step To Success

Congratulation for taking the brave steps thus far and now your next step forward will be decisive to the road of success.  Once you complete the 5 levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course provided by Wealthy Affiliate, you are on the path to success and your dreams come true.  There is an abundance of training, tutorial, and guidance, as well as the supportive community, are there to share their experience and help you to create your online business.

By taking up the premium membership for less than a dollar a day, you will have unlocked all the levels and have access to all the aspect of the Wealthy Affiliate platform grooming you from intermediate to expert level in internet marketing.